As it may be seen from the menu entry Web design this is a small study into web technologies. It all started with HTML, but quickly it became obvious that this technolgy is not sufficient by itself in designing a website. Therefore these pages also use Javascript, CSS, PHP, ASP, SQL, JAVA, JNLP, XML, XSLT, SVG and RSS. You will find examples on the relevant pages.

Although I hate to admit it, the photo to the left is so far the best taken of me. Click on the picture to gain more information of it and of me! To the right is a newer one. Click on it to enlarge.

Since the picture to the left was taken I have grown up a bit. During my time as a professional, I have had a great variety in employments, and for the last decade of my working era I did teaching. Mostly courses in digital techniques, data communications, mathematics and user specified integrated circuits, the socalled ASICs.

In 2000 I was married to Therese and together we bought a house in Bryrup. In 2004 we then bought a house in Sønderho. Click on the button in the menu to the left to get further details of our new town and our new home.

Here are two pictures with Therese. The one to the right is from our wedding on the Easter of 2000 in the church of Sønderho on the island of Fanø The website of Therese is here
I am also a grandfather. Here are the latest pictures of my five grandchildren. The twins Vibeke and Thomas, the latest addition Maria as well as Helene and Rikke. Click on the small pictures to get a larger version.